Professional Growth and Self Insight

Professional Growth and Self Insight

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365 days each year, many people spend most of their time running around and making sure, they did not leave anything out. Throughout their busy schedule, they spend much of their time consumed in thinking about what they are going to do after work. Now, statistically speaking, if 3000 people, 365 days each week spent 8 hours in a day worrying about what they would do after they get off work would be around -16,653.125 guesstimated wasted time spent on nothing they have no control over at the time, and each day.

Since we have over 5.5 billion people in the world, this figure quadruples. It may serve as no significance, however, with every second burnt in each day, and is another dollar spent. This is part of the reason why our economic prices rise and fall each day. Now you know why people use the metaphor, time wasted is money burned.

Over half of the time wasted could be spent on professional growth and the development of self-insight. If even half of the 3000 people spent more time focusing on their jobs, rather than what they will do after work, it would also cutback on time that could be used to do something that is positive or constructive.

This moves us to see the importance of preparing. Preparation helps us to save time and money by allowing us to stay focused on what we need to accomplish. Let’s see how it can save us time by preparing and focusing on what we need to do. Take the same example above. Per se, 3000 people each day head off to work and during work, their main focus is centered on what they need to finish first. The estimated amount of time saved each day – 16,653.125 plus 16,653.125 = 333, 062.5 and you would calculate half this figure, multiplying it because additional time would be saved by the 3000 people completing their tasks in a timely manner. Thus, time is added to this picture and money is saved. This would equal about 66 million minutes of time saved in each year. Wow!

Now, if you prepared you could add some more time saved on to this figure, which means that your boss would love you and you would likely get a raise and promotion. During the time you save, you can invest some of the added time into developing your self-insight and professional growth.

Since each of us is different, it is up to you to figure out how you can swing it. Some of us for example, can think about self-development while manipulating through tasks effectively and staying focused. Of course, this is a psychoanalytic mental thinker type, but it is possible to train a normal person to work through self-development while working and focusing on his or her tasks.

How is this possible?
First, understand that a psychoanalytic mind will walk through a series of self-development procedures at the same time that person is evaluating the patient through advanced observation skills. This means you would have to develop your self-insight, awareness and build on your magnitude of conscious awareness. You would likely need some subliminal learning training if you are one of the average thinkers in the world. Practice then is the one of the essential keys to progressing in self-insight and professional growth. Through practice, you can improve your motor skills, and other skills. You need sufficient techniques however, that work for you. Practice is no good if you do not have something to practice with. For this reason, you may want to visit the Internet to get in on the latest techniques for self-development.


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